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“Mihira, with her background of dietetics and sports nutrition understands the dynamics of diet and sports performance. Her research based practice has led her to positively improve nutrition habits of athletes and individuals with lifestyle ailments. She helps her clients understand their respective needs and aims at behavioral modification than temporary results”

Head- Dept. of Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine, Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital, Mumbai. Certification Director- ACSM, India
Dr. Aashish Contractor

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Mihira has been a National Gold Medalist in Swimming and is a Sports & Clinical Nutritionist. Her being a sports-person herself, helps her understand the sporting atmosphere, competitive training and mental make-up of the athletes she works with.

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Mihira A. R. Khopkar

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Know your seeds!

Seeds have been a part of man’s diet since the paleolithic era and a significant part of the very popular ‘paleo-diet’ today. Nuts and seeds form 26% of the plant foods consumed by the hunter-gatherer societies all over the world. Seeds are not only energy dense but have a great nutrition profile as well, thus fitting to be a part of the pre-agricultural food of man. A seed consists of an outer coat, inner germ…

Ketogenic diet for the Endurance Athlete?

A Ketogenic diet induces the release of ‘Ketones’ by the body (essentially by the liver) which are then used as a primary fuel instead of Glucose. This happens by depriving the body of its primary fuel- glucose (from carbohydrates) and increasing the intake of fat. This deprivation makes the body think that it’s under starvation and the body starts breaking down fat for energy releasing Ketones. A diet rich in carbs to provide fuel to…

Pineapple for Recovery in Endurance Athletes

Pineapple is a tropical plant and its medicinal uses have been documented in various traditional systems of medicine that date back to ancient times. Scientific advancements have revealed that the therapeutic benefits of pineapple are attributed to the presence of Bromelain in them. Bromelain is a mixture of enzymes (proteases-enzymes that breakdown protein) present in Pineapple (mainly in the stem and fruit of the plant). It is a kind of a proteolytic (breaking down of…