Sports & Therapeutic Nutrition Brand

Mihira A. R. Khopkar

(B Sc. Dietetics, M Sc. Sports Nutrition)

A Nutritionist’s/ Dietitian’s role is often perceived to be confined to providing dietary advice alone, Mihira however, believes that it is the goal and the believe in self that matter most to success in any area of health improvement, be it sports performance or controlling lifestyle disorders.

Mihira through her venture- MARK, aims at changing the traditional outlook of diet prescription and works on the very ingredients along with customized diet plans that make most health goals successful.

It all starts with a ‘Dream’. It begins with a thought that prospers into a dream. A health goal you set for yourself. A dream that you see yourself achieving.

Whether you want to stand on an Olympic podium or be able to run the half marathon, control diabetes and blood pressure or defeat thyroid. You decide your goal with of course Mihira’s constant guidance.

In order to decipher this Dream/Goal into Reality, You Need to ‘Believe’ in it. You are either all in or all out. Believing that your goals can be achieved suggests that you would put in your 100% and continue to keep at it. This is the phase of no excuses, immense perseverance, un-parallel hard work and determination.

What lies ahead of such faith and effort, is achievement!

You can only ‘Achieve’ as long as you Believe in your Dreams.

Mihira through her well-planned sessions suggests diet plans based on individual goals and requirements. The timely follow ups help her understand the way your body reacts to food, exercise and the environment.

Throughout the journey, Mihira aims to educate and help you learn the way food, exercise and the environment affect your body. She guides you on what, how much and when should you eat a particular food for its specific benefits, so tomorrow when you are on your own- you make informed food choices.

No wholesome food can ever be bad, it is all about what suits YOU best!