The Nutrition program with Mihira not just aims at achieving the specified health goals, but focuses on educating and empowering you on nutrition knowledge so that you don’t fall prey to diet trends or food fads.
Mihira extensively works with individuals from everywhere; whether you stay in Mumbai, or anywhere in India to anywhere in the world! Thanks to skype/ facetime/ plain phone calls, it is more than easier to communicate. She strongly believes in being constantly connected. The more information you share about yourself, the better can she guide you further.
Whether you are an athlete looking to improve sports performance, a student, home-maker, a working professional working odd shifts, someone constantly traveling for work, or someone suffering from hormonal imbalances, lifestyle conditions such as obesity or diabetes, there is a program for you!

All you have to do is take that first step!

The programs are broadly divided in to the following



Sports Nutrition

Whether you have just begun a sport or you are an International medalist, Nutrition plays a pivotal role in improving your performance. From improving energy levels to faster recovery, prevention of injury and boosting immunity, improving speed to endurance, losing fat and gaining muscle, season specific diets to race day meal plans, Sports Specific Nutrition helps you overcome these challenges.

Athletes of different age groups, competition level, sporting background, sport positions and training routines have different energy and nutrient requirements.

Weight Management

Weight Management

Most of us fall prey to the flawed definition of ‘beauty’ and go overboard with crash/ fad diets to drop that elusive number on the scale. Dull face, mood swings and sagging skin is what follows as an after effect! Central obesity is the primary cause of many diseases. However, fat loss is a gradual process. In fact it is just a by product of your journey to becoming healthy. Asking yourself how you feel than how much you weigh is a better indicator of health.

Healthy weight gain (combination of muscle and fat) for individuals who have lower than normal muscle and fat is crucial namely for functioning of major organs, immunity and for fighting infections/ diseases.

Nutrition for Children

Nutrition for children/ child athletes

The rates of childhood obesity are surging like never before; the access to electronic devices, TV viewing, junk food availability, lack of play/ sports etc. are all responsible for the same. Childhood obesity suggests sowing seeds for adult lifestyle diseases. Nutrition and environmental changes can drastically help tackle this condition.

On the other hand, children who are extremely active, as those involved in one or multiple sports have special nutrition needs. The nutrition requirements for balanced growth and development along with extra expenditure during sports needs to be accounted for.

Therapeutic Nutrition

Preventive & Therapeutic Nutrition

If being plain thin, is not healthy, what is?
As long as you feel happy, content, fit, energetic and are able to do the daily regimes that you at your age should without any biochemical deficiencies or presence of disease, you are healthy and beautiful! Today’s fast life, although, has ensured financial security, has simultaneously depleted our health. Diabetes, Metabolic syndrome, Hypertension, Cardiac diseases, Depression, Eating disorders and so many more illnesses are more common than ever.

Now is really the time to realize Health is indeed Wealth & in the words of Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food”.

How it works?

All Nutrition Programs have been divided into different time durations and follow a three-step process and it begins exactly with your dream/ your health goals and culminates towards its achievement.
assessment phase

Body composition, Biochemical parameters, Dietary routine, Training pattern/workout schedule, activity throughout the day along with a few more details are assessed to establish your nutrient requirements.

Based on the above results, your health goals are charted out.

consultation phase

A nutrition plan based on health goals is recommended and this is followed by frequent follow ups to modify the plan based on your progress/changes in training patterns/environment etc.

This is the phase of learning, self-belief and complete adherence to the plan.

maintenance phase

For athletes, good nutrition is an on-going requirement season after season since any sport is an unpredictably dynamic ball-game! The major focus during this phase is to continue educating athletes and parents to make informed choices.

For others as well, achieving the desired goal does not mean an end to good eating. By now, with hope that you understand how your body really works, you shall be more aware to make the food choices that suit you!

Nutrition Programs for Clubs, Teams & Coaches

Along with individual programs, MARK also offers its services to clubs, teams and coaches providing guidance on meal planning, season specific requirements, competition/race day nutrition, hydration requirements, nutrition for recovery & immunity through group sessions/ seminars.


For more information on any of the above Nutrition Programs, contact us.


The Nutrition program recipe is abundantly sprinkled with garnishes of hope, positivity and constant motivation to guide you reach your optimum health and performance.