Do we really realize the impact of obesity ? January 20, 2018 – Posted in: Health is Wealth

Do we really realize the impact of obesity?

It is shocking to learn that worldwide obesity rates have nearly tripled since 1975. We have reached a disappointing stage where there are more individuals dying due to obesity than they are from hunger!

More than 1.9 Billion adults today are overweight/ obese. Forty-One million children under the age of 5 years and over 340 million children and adolescents aged 5-19 years were overweight/obese in the year 2016.

It is easier for us to feel sorry for those already facing a consequence of obesity such as Diabetes, Heart Diseases etc. while we continue our mundane work oriented lifestyle.

We somehow realize the importance of health only after its too late; when the doc announces you are now diabetic. It is almost that we waited, pushed our luck, took our health for granted all this while to become diabetic one fine day!

This article is not intended to list guidelines, most of which we already know. We are too ignorant to implement the guidelines we already know that could help us get better, be fitter and be healthier.
So, I ask,

Do we really comprehend the impact of a bad lifestyle?

Do we really realize the consequences of obesity? Do we really understand that Heart Disease & Diabetes are not mere terms, the consequences of these diseases can affect most organs of our body including the heart, the blood vessels, the eye, the liver, the kidneys, the nerves, our limbs etc.

It all starts with a build of adipose tissue and please note, even if you fall under the BMI category of normal weight or even slightly underweight, you could very well have higher percentage of fat stores, which is equally damaging.

This fatty tissue deposition initiates two things:

1. Rise in pro-inflammatory proteins which further trigger low grade inflammation
2. Makes cells resistant to insulin (Insulin pushes blood sugar in cells for various functions, lack of insulin can result in high blood sugar)
Both of these together cause abnormalities in blood parameters beginning with lipid profile, blood sugar levels, blood pressure changes, group of which is commonly referred to as metabolic syndrome; which could potentially cause the following:


which is the build-up of excessive plaque (fatty tissue) in the arteries and is the first step towards an eventual heart attack,

Type 2 Diabetes;

which is continued surges in blood sugar and with no-where to go, this blood sugar soon excretes in the urine,


surging pressure of the blood around stiffened, hardened, clogged arteries, again aggravating heart health.

Young adults today get diagnosed with these conditions. How selfish can we really be?

Kids today are born with risk factors; the risk factor of genetics. If we decide to take care of ourselves now, we are ensuring the health of the next generation. Of course, environment plays a huge role in shaping disease risk. But that’s exactly why, in spite of good genes, most youth today yet suffer from some ailment or the other.

The Union Health Ministry has already stated that medicines are a financial burden on Indian households. More than 3 lakh crore rupees were spent on medicines, health care, hospital care etc. in 2014-2015. I am sure this number is way more as of 2017.

It is quiet a clear equation. Most of us Indians are suffering from some problem or other, clearly for the same reason we are spending humongous amounts on healthcare.

We are clearly not working on the root cause, we are only fixing the problem temporarily.

Where does our faith lie?

In the money we earn? Do we really believe that money can take care of us when we are ailing? And if we do… most of us already believe that eventually we will be sick and ill anyways!

How about shifting this faith in ourselves? How about ensuring we be nice to our body?
How about treating it the way it should be? May be then… it will treat us back with good health, disease free life, no hospital bills than a plethora of conditions and too many zeroes against that 1 on a medical bill!

NOW is the time to act… the time to think has passed already!
To Well-Being, Positivity & Happiness Always…
Mihira A R Khopkar
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